Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Day in the Life

Today was another in a string of whirlwind days for Stars 7s; we may soon have to change our name to the Supernovas given how the size and scope of this team has grown! With a global roster of players from Australia, Ireland, and across many timezones of Canada and the US it has a round-the-clock barrage of emails/texts/facebook messaging to coordinate and organize the team and learn more about our players to start formulating our lineups, game plans, and positions. The enthusiasm of all involved has kept me inspired and moving & shaking as fast as I can to bring it all together.

To give you a glimpse of what's been happening - at the moment I'm simultaneously both texting and facebook chatting with coach Eyal about lineups and strategy, have another chat with one of our Canadian players, Tamisha Touissant, and a 3rd chat with one of our Australians, Saxon Campbell. I'm on a Twitter Direct Message chain with JP and *just* closed talks with one of the best college coaches in the US, Dan Payne of Life University. Add in few emails and chats with sponsors and texts regarding kit with LegendBorne.... and this just in the course of the last hour. A normal day includes hundreds of interactions over the span of 16 hours adding in more sponsors, contact with the tournament directors, talking with opposing teams and coaches, more recruiting and follow-ups, logistics, and hundred of Tweets. Twitter has been an amazing tool of non-stop community building and rugby interactions and I can't say enough about the great outpouring support of rugby connections & media outlets that has grown in the last week. Rugby is a global game and it's no more evident the promotion/interaction/information shared by a large crew of rugby fanatics in social media spheres..

I planned to write more but after fitting in a quick hour at the gym (#workforit), spending some quality time with the most important 4 year old future rugger in the world (my son), and logging a few more planning hours, this blogger/rugger/mom is simply beat. Cheers to tomorrow and more Star sightings!

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