Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Spring Season Update from Christina Swift

In late January I had the chance to surprise some of our Stars 7s players from FAU and FIU and fly to Boca Raton for their Friday Night Lights clash. Getting to see the girls in action with their home clubs playing 15s was an awesome experience and Swift definitely shined as a center making some devastating runs and even stronger tackles in a close match. Here's her update as she starts prepping for the Women's Collegiate All American East Camp (Eyal sent in a U-20 nomination and USA Rugby elevated her to WCAA consideration).

"Boy oh boy where do I start?

This spring season is definitely one I won’t forget! Our FAU Women’s team did rather well - we could have done better but next year were definitely going further than we ever have, I can feel it! On top of playing for FAU I got to play with the amazing and talented Ft. Miami Womens team in the Ruggerfest that was an awesome tournament and we ended up getting second place in!!!

In other news I have been training very hard lately and had my coach Eyal send in a nomination for U20 tryouts this year. A month later I get the invite to the Women's Collegiate All American East Camp tryouts!!! I am beyond excited for this opportunity and where it could lead me!

Every day I think about rugby and what more I can do to go further and knowing that I get to play in my first INTERNATIONAL Tournament with the Stars makes it even better.

This summer has so many opportunities for my rugby career and I couldn’t be happier to be apart of the Stars program. I have never been to Canada and I can’t wait to play!

I have learned nothing is just going to appear I front of you, you have to work towards your goals every day to make them achievable. One of my favorites “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” I live by that because I am determined I finally found a sport that I can give my all and absolutely love every second about it!" 

To help support Swift in her rugby goals, including the Stars tour to Calgary, the WCAA camp and her invite today to the Serevi High Performance Residency Camp, please visit her GoFundMe page!

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