Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stampede 7s Touring Rosters

The last few weeks of preparation leading up to our Stampede 7s tour took an extraordinary amount of time devoted to final details, rosters, last minute roster changes and more. Apologies for not keeping up with the blog, but the tour logistics took precedence!

Belatedly, here are the tour rosters. Where two teams are listed the first team is the player's home 15s side and the second their 7s club (if a different team). More player profiles, a Stampede 7s recap (both the men and women took 2nd place in the premier brackets and the 2nd women's side took 4th), and big future plans to come!

Stars Rugby 7s Stampede 7s Calgary Tour 2014
Men's Premier Team:

Michael Albert – Milwaukee Barbarians
Zachary Albert – Milwaukee Barbarians
Matthew Coore – Florida Atlantic University 
Dave Evans - Bow Valley Grizzlies (Canada)
Reid Gordon – Surrey Beavers (Canada)
Eyal Hakim – Boca Raton
Jeffrey Herron - Tampa Bay Krewe
Nate Olsen - Milwaukee Barbarians
Mikey Reinhard – Surrey Beavers (Canada)
JR Ruffin - Calgary Canucks (Canada)
Conor Turner - Calgary Hornets (Canada)
Saula Sucu - Washington Rugby Club (DC)

Unavailable for Tour:
Kyle Granby -  NYAC
Matt Hughston - Charlotte Rugby Club
Anthony Jackson Miller -Burlington Rugby Club
Marcus Satavu - New Haven/Bulldogs
Brian Stannard -New England Prime

Women's Premier Teams:
Elvy Asonye - San Jose Seahawks
Liz Entwhistle –Fort Miami/1823 Women
Joanne (Nana) Fa'Avesi - Sacramento Amazons
Mary (Sana) Fa'Avesi - Sacramento Amazons
Sarah Farley - LA Crude (Leduc) (Canada)
Lara Gartner - Georgia Tech/Atlanta Harlequins
Tiara Littleton - Dallas Harlequins Women
Toni Lloyd - Dallas Harlequins/Allen Griffins
Kaelene Lundstrum – Twin Cities Amazons/Youngbloodz Women
Codi Monroy - Florida Atlantic University/Team Sparkles
Alex Mueller – University of Victoria (Canada)
Michelle Montague - Fort Miami Women/Team Sparkles
Tiffany Picketts – University of Victoria (Canada)
Shelaine Riehs -  Calgary Rams
Kayla Rudman - Notre Dame College/Fullerton Wolfpack
Kimberly Semiglia - Florida International University/Vice City Sting
Christina Swift - Florida Atlantic University /Team Sparkles
Cara Thayer - South Buffalo Sinners
Sya Trafford – Canadian Calgary Irish Athletic Club (Canada)
Nia Williams - San Diego Surfers
Josie Ziluca - San Diego Surfers

Injured/Unavailable for Tour:
Jade Elidoros- University of Victoria (Canada)
Chi Chi Chukwueke – Georgia Tech
Judy Dixon – Atlanta Harlequins
Jessica Turner – Berkeley All Blues
Jessica Wooden – Atlanta Harlequins
Kassadi Wynter – Atlanta Harlequins
Gracie Martinez – Life University
Leka Green – Sacramento Amazons

Stars Rugby 7s Staff:
Coaches: Liam Hutchinson and Eyal Hakim
Manager/Tour Director: Liz Entwhistle
Trainer: Yuki Matsunaga
Video: Mikey Stott

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