Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rosters Announced for Central Coast 7s

Stars Rugby 7s is pleased to release our rosters for the Central Coast 7s Tour 17-27 October. Over the course of 8 days in Sydney and Wyong, Australia our players will partake in high performance 7s training sessions guided by international coaches Andy Katoa and Orene Ai'i leading to elite tournament competition the 25th and 26th of October at the Wyong Rugby Leagues Club. Pool play for the men includes Wellington (New Zealand), Redrock (Fiji) and Te Whanau (Australia) while the women take on the Australian National Team, New Zealand Wasps and Sydney Fiji Ranadi (Australia).

*Elvy Asonye, San Jose Seahawks
Ryan Carlyle, Seattle Saracens
*Joanne (Nana) Fa'Avesi, Sacramento Amazons
*Kaelene Lundstrum, Twin Cities Amazons/Youngbloodz 7s
Deven Owsiany, Keystone Rugby Club
Ashley Perry, Twin Cities Amazons/Youngbloodz 7s
Kristine Sommer, Seattle Saracens
Gina Steffano, Houston Area Rugby Club
Jessica Turner, Berkeley All Blues
Cynthia Wright, DC Furies
*Josie Ziluca, San Diego Surfers

Iniki Fa'Amausili, Glendale Raptors
Matt Hughston, Charlotte Rugby Club
Apakuki Ma'Afu, Sydney, Australia
Cody Melphy, Glendale Raptors
Chris Milledge, Charlotte Rugby Club
*Nate Olsen, Milwaukee Barbarians
Eddie Paea, Sydney, Australia
Matt Ryan, Barracks Rangers
*Saula (Junior) Sucu, Washington Rugby Club (DC)
Jojo Tikiosuva, Sacramento Lions
Cody Weber, Kansas City Blues
Charlie Versi, Sydney, Australia

Orene Ai'i, New Zealand - Coach
*Liz Entwhistle, Fort Miami/W1823 7s - Manager/Tour Director
Alex Flohr, Australia -Physio
Andy Katoa, Tonga - Coach
*John Tinsley, Malaysia - Chiropractor

*Denotes veterans of previous Stars Rugby 7s tours

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