Monday, October 6, 2014

A Word From Our Coach: More from Orene Ai'i

The last few weeks leading up to Central Coast 7s has been spent finalizing our touring plans and planning training sessions, which means I am chatting (or tweeting) daily with our coaches Andy Kotoa and Orene Ai'i. It's a testament to our players and our program that these men are working with our USA side, bringing years of international coaching and playing experience to develop players and guide them to reach their full rugby 7s potential. 

I asked Orene to send in an update regarding his interest in the program - why is he keen to be a Star and return to CC7s? He'll be joining us for this tour after finishing play in Kuala Lumpur for the Agong Cup with Sabah Rugby and come time for Tobago 7s in December, he'll be joining us straight from Dubai!

Here's his update:

Hi My name is Orene Ai'i (Renz),

Really looking forward to coaching the Rugby Stars 7s at the CC7s tournament next month. I'm excited at the opportunity to coach some very keen and young players and hopefully pass on some tips to further their rugby development.

With rugby 7s being an Olympic sport now, a lot of emphasis has gone into developing the game worldwide and I feel that this opportunity to coach the Rugby Stars 7s team is a great way to give back and to develop some young prospects in the game at all levels. 

 Having been to the CC7s before as a player I'm looking forward to going again this time as a coach...I know how competitive this tournament is and I think it's great that more and more teams are getting involved because although everyone's there to compete and win, it's still a lot of fun That's what sets 7s rugby apart from's a whole spectacle. 

See you soon CC7s!!!


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