Monday, February 17, 2014

What's Next For Stars Rugby 7s?

On the heels of Atlanta 7s, in which New Zealand won the championship over Canada by a margin of 36-0 and the Eagles took the Plate (5th place) with a win over Spain, it's time use the inspiration from some awesome rugby to start thinking ahead!

I wasn't able to watch any of the games live but did have some good chats with friends that attended, friends that were playing for their respective national teams, and also some back-and-forth with other coaches and rugby brains which got me thinking..... I will have about 14 hours worth of video to catch up on so why not post an analysis of quite a few of the matches? Knowing how the games turned out, this will give a great opportunity to study what teams did differently, especially the Eagles as they played Canada twice, in their match-ups and how they progressed/regressed during the tournament. How did defenses adapt and elevate (or breakdown)? How did offensive patterns develop? Who stepped up as the competition moved on? How exactly did Ashley Steacy from Canada recover and run in their kickoff for a try?

But why stop (start?) there? I'm going to start with Dubai 7s and break that down to see what transformations took place in the 2 months between the tournaments! So look for a few posts a day breaking down the recent women's games and I'll try to catch up before Brazil. And if I get the chance prior to Tokyo, I may do the same thing for some men's matches..... or invite more guest bloggers to help out!

Also coming up - more photo galleries of our players in action and updates on their club/college seasons, notes from the coach, player nominations and a breakdown of our selection process going into our next tours, additional player profiles as we add to our pools, a recap of some of the Serevi (and other developmental) camps from our Stars that attended, and more breaking news from our Stars rugby family!

Is there anything you'd like to see? Any topics we can cover? Let me know - it's time to dig my car out of more snow (thanks, Chiberia) and hit the gym.


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