Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Meet our newest Star, Amanda!

In my prior post I mentioned that quite a few roster changes have been made as players have rescinded their commitments to the team. We did unfortunately lose our Elite side scrumhalf, Ireland and Leinster women's Tania Rosser, due to a family emergency. We wish her father in New Zealand a speedy recovery and for safe travels home for Tania.
With a such a large spot to fill, the Stars are pleased to bring collegiate scrumhalf Amanda Martin on board. The rugby community quickly got us in touch with each other as her team was initially entering its own side in the Las Vegas Invitational but is no longer travelling. Amanda comes from a pretty stellar rugby background in Florida and now finds herself playing D1 collegiate rugby in Missouri - she plays in the same conference as the college women I coach so I'm familiar with her talents!

Here's her story:
Hey there! I'm Amanda Martin & here's a little bit about myself. I'm currently 20 years old and I'm from Sebastian River, Florida. I've been playing sports my whole life.
Growing up I wanted to be just like my brothers so I followed in their foot steps and played town rec. baseball for a few years. When I finally reached high school I thought I'd try out softball but soon learned I did not share the same love for the sport as my teammates and though I should give another sport a try. 
Throughout high school I ran track, pole vaulted and weight lifted competitively. In 2008 my high school (Sebastian River High) decided to start up a girls rugby program this being the first ever girls varsity high school program in the nation and also beginning my rugby career! The title sounded cool but we struggled the first two years getting our butts whooped by everyone we played. Finally my senior year we won the state championship, regionals, and traveled to Salt Lake City for nationals.
Which leads me to the next chapter in my life... Before Nationals I had no plans on furthering my education because I knew my family could not afford it. But by the grace of God on the last day of nationals a woman by the name of Jeanine Scrogum approached me. She was so impressed with me that she offered me the first ever women's Rugby scholarship from Lindenwood University in St.Charles, MO. My only promise to her was that I'd help her start the women's program (yet again being apart of a first ever team). I still currently play for LU as the half back and I'm also the captain. Our program is still growing but I have faith that by the time I graduate our team will have a National title just like the men's team! :)
Apart from SRHS & LU I have also played for USA South U19, Florida Thunder All-Stars, Illinois Select Side (IRFU) and Midwest U-23 Thunderbirds including their tour to Wales last summer.
 Rugby is my passion! Although just playing the sport is a reward itself, one day making it to the highest level of Rugby would be the greatest reward of all. Being able to represent my country by playing the sport I love is my #1 goal! :)

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