Friday, January 10, 2014

If There Is a Problem, Yo I'll Solve It

Sorry for the lull in posts - the Midwest "polar vortex" claimed my laptop AC cable as a victim and replacing it took significantly longer than it should - thanks alleged 2 day shipping. Yet now the problem is solved - as have many other Stars problems that have recently arisen:

*We lost 4 or 5 players this week due to finances, injuries, and one to a family emergency. Within the last 2 weeks there have been about 8 roster changes. Not only is this a huge headache and financial drain as kit, hotels, tickets, bus passes etc have already been booked, it is also changing our game and practice plans.

Thankfully the rugby gods have been smiling on us and we've filled most of the empty slots with new players (and one hotel bed with a ref friend!). There are still 2 spots, maybe 3 open, as of today. I have 4 players interested so we'll see what comes through. My spreadsheets are getting a full workout (though gym time was affected today because of this).

*We'd been waiting on game schedules to finalize logistics and USA Sevens sent them out this week! There is still the possibility of changes as the Australian team our sisters were originally playing for (and that isn't entering a side any longer) is still listed in the Open bracket and in the same pool as our Stars! More on schedules and pools to come in a future post.

*We're still waiting on reserving practice fields/time slots. The team has a scrimmage session set for Wednesday night with the Dog River Howlers our of Canada and our elite side is working on an additional scrimmage with Japan for Thursday morning. Elites will also have a training session Thursday afternoon with a special guest coach.

*Our kit supplier shocked the team with unexpected costs on hoodies and t-shirts - nearly double the quoted price - so we quick changed vendors and got an instant mock-up and quote in that ends up saving us a few dollars (mock ups and t-shirt ordering info to come in a future post)

*The Stars are in demand (I know, tough problem to have) and were invited to tour Costa Rica to play against their 7s team and national sides. Not that this is really a big problem - just something else to add to our list and planning for when Vegas is done.

*Heard back from Rugby Ontario regarding 2 of our players inbound permission to tour and still have some issues/questions about insurance coverage since this isn't a full Toronto club side traveling, just 2 members of a club.

*Other to-dos include scheduling meeting rooms, video review, pool time, team dinners, arranging the jersey presentation ceremony, our team talent show, pairing Shooting Stars (mentors/mentee partners), and putting this all together into a massive travel packet with daily timelines of who/what/when/where.

*Plus this blogger happens to be a single mom and her 4 year old was diagnosed with strep throat this week.

And I recently accepted a new job in Chicago and leaves Monday morning for a week of training in Vegas (which normally would be great but has me worried about physical training/gym time/diet), only to return Saturday night, start work in Chicago while commuting from Milwaukee (making the daily drive for 2 weeks until the move happens), then fly out to Vegas again Wednesday for rugby! This week also included the -50 windchills, packing for the move, transporting loads to Goodwill and to store at my mom's house near Chicago, and touring daycare options for the little guy.

I'm beat (it really is 1:08am) but the promise of a great Stars tour looms and is keeping me going! Many, many more posts to come to make up for the quiet week.

PS - It's never too late to donate. All these personnel changes are leaving the team eating some costs especially if spots remain unfilled:

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