Friday, January 3, 2014

Roster 2.0

After some injuries, some emergencies and some miscommunications, here's Roster 2.0 (and in reality is probably roster 9.4 given all the activity in the past 4 weeks). Still some international caps, some varisty ruggers, D1 and D2 club and college represntation:

Campbell, Cheyenne - Australia
Campbell, Saxon - Australia
Darwent, Kristen - USA
Dominguez, Cassandra -USA
Entwhistle, Elizabeth - USA
Filer, Rhiannon - USA
Gemmell, Elizabeth - Australia
Gemmell, Krystle - Australia
Gorham, Katherine - USA
*Hoese, Evan, USA
Horn, Cheryl - USA
Karsten, Kristen - USA
Knight, Phaidra - USA
Mallindine, Jessica - USA
Monroy, Codi - USA
Omoghan, Fedelia - Canada
Pratt, Jinnie - USA
*Roper, Mercedez - USA
Rosser, Tanya - New Zealand/Ireland
*Semiglia, Kimberly - USA
Stanley, Kathleen - USA
Swift, Christina - USA
Thayer, Cara - USA
Toussaint, Tamisha - Canada

Coach: Eyal Hakim

*new player additions

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