Monday, January 20, 2014

Roster 4.0

There have been even more changes and we may have 2 roster additions in the next 2 days! It's been quite the effort to recruit and secure players to the team, a process that will be much more streamlined on tours to come. Here's the latest roster - now with home clubs!

Campbell, Cheyenne - Australia
Campbell, Saxon - Australia
Darwent, Kristen - Florida Atlantic University
Dominguez, Cassandra -New Mexico State University
Entwhistle, Elizabeth - Chicago Lions Women
Filer, Rhiannon - South Buffalo Sinners
Gemmell, Elizabeth - Australia
Gemmell, Krystle - Australia
Gorham, Katherine - Chicago Sirens
Karsten, Kristen - University of Texas
Littleton, Tiara - Dallas Harlequins
Mallindine, Jessica - Louisiana Lagniappes
Martin, Amanda - Lindenwood University
Monroy, Codi - Florida Atlantic University
Omoghan, Fedelia - Toronto Saracens
Pratt, Jinnie - Oklahoma University
Roper, Mercedez -South Buffalo Sinners
Semiglia, Kimberly - Florida International University
Stanley, Kathleen - Toronto Saracens
Swift, Christina - Florida Atlantic University
Thayer, Cara - South Buffalo Sinners
Trapp, Rebecca - Pittsburgh Angels

Coach: Eyal Hakim - Coach Florida Atlantic University, Player Boca Raton

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