Saturday, January 4, 2014

Swift in Name and Swift of Foot

Christina Swift is another of the FAU contingent and looks to make an instant impact on our team. Though relatively new to rugby she's a fast, fit, fierce and furious player and we're looking forward to see what she'll do when surrounded by like-minded and like-skilled players. The chance to play for Stars 7s could well be her platform to an Eagle camp - Pete Steinberg & Danielle Miller we're looking in your direction!

 Here's her info:

My name is Christina Swift; I am currently a junior at Florida Atlantic University pursuing a double major in Business Management and Marketing. I have been playing rugby for a year and a half now at FAU. I have played many sports throughout my life, but Rugby is something different to me. I am determined and motivated to someday soon be a USA Eagle.

Being invited to play in the Las Vegas 7’s invitational tournament is still mind-boggling to me. I am super competitive and when I have something to motivate me to work towards I push myself to new limits.

I train at a Crossfit gym (the Training Pit East Boca) and recently have been doing sprint training with my coach Eyal Hakim, then going to Crossfit and working on my strength. I am not one of the bigger girls but I am definitely intimidating on the pitch once I start playing! Rugby is an incredible sport because you are constantly learning something new. You never know everything and everyone who plays rugby is super respectable. My team at FAU is apart of me and I couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come in the past year and a half.

I am counting down the days to Vegas; I am so excited to get the opportunity to play with players who have such an extensive rugby background. This tournament is going to be a huge learning experience for me!!! I can’t wait to meet all the players and see where the Stars Rugby Program leads to. This team has tons of potential and great opportunities to do big things; I’m strapping in and ready to open my eyes for a rugby adventure.

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