Sunday, March 9, 2014

Call for Player Nominations for Stars Rugby 7s Summer/Fall 2014

Stars Rugby 7s is opening men's and women's player nominations for Summer/Fall 2014 tours. We seek committed athletes to bring two men's and two women's sides to a North American tournament the weekend of July 4th (either Cape Fear 7s in NC or Stampede 7s in Calgary). This will determine final selections for a 12 player men's and women's roster to travel to Central Coast 7s in Australia in October 17th-27th.

Players interested in Central Coast 7s must participate in the July selection tournament. Players interested in Stars tours but unable to commit to the Australia tour are encouraged to participate in the July trip for future consideration. The Stars are a player funded team and while sponsors help lower costs of travel, these tours do require financial commitment.

Interested players and coaches are to fill out the nomination form available here. Nominations will be accepted through March 22nd with initial player invites issued by April 5th.

About the Team: Founded in 2013, the Stars are a competitive men's and women's rugby 7s side dedicated to developing high performance athletes through international tournament play. Our mission is to develop players from across the US and around the World via elite rugby 7s. Stars rosters feature experienced international talent and emerging players alike. No team will ever be comprised entirely of All-Stars and no team will be entirely full of rookies; we seek to bridge the gaps and nurture emerging players with mentor-style relationships on and off the pitch. The Stars are committed to the camaraderie of the sport of rugby and maintaining touring traditions.

Any questions regarding tours and fitness testing can be directed to Manager Liz Entwhistle and Coach Eyal Hakim via email.

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